Saturday, February 28, 2009

Parent / Teacher conference

Wanna hear the cutest thing ever?

I'm at DD2's Kindergarten Parent Teacher conference and Mrs. S pulled out her latest writing sample. (4 times during the year the kids are given a topic and they have to create their story, write about it and illustrate it all on their own to see where they are with things. It's hilarious to see how they put sentences together.) Mrs. S started getting tears in her eyes when she read me the story. Their assignment was "Write about what Super Power you would like to have, and what you would do with it."

This was her story (and, remember, she's in Kindergarten... so a story is like three sentences tops.) I have corrected the spelling so you can read it:

"I want Heart Power. The world will all love."
The picture with it was of a little girl standing in front of trees with her arms stretched out sending little hearts radiating out from herself.

I also got a little teary. See, DD1 has always had a big heart. She's the caretaker of the two... DD2 isn't quite as heartfelt in her actions. That this came from the daughter who is by far the more ornery of the two was crazy for me. I'm not saying that she isn't a nice little girl, she is... but that she thought this up floored me.

I think the one of the most incredible things about being a mom is when your kids melt your heart unexpectedly. They never fail to surprise me, my girls!

* Cynic that I am, I asked Mrs. S is she had prompted them on which Super Powers they could choose from, and she said when they discussed it they had talked about flying, climbing up walls, being invisible... but nothing like DD2's idea came up, and nobody else wrote about it, so she hadn't copied. (This is my child who would definitely look across and take an idea if she had thought of it! Just like her mama!)