Monday, February 16, 2009

Yep, she's Nine alright

So, DD1 didn't much like getting sent to her room this morning. Providing she has just come from playing in there, you'd think it wouldn't have been too traumatic. Wrong! Just to let the entire household know of her misery and hatred of her mother, Ms. Hissy McFitsalot had to slam her door. And she SLAMMED her door but good!

She slammed it so hard that the trim came off, the door was stuck, and husband had to pry it open and re-nail the door jam back together. And, being the awesome parent he is, he did wait to even let her know she would ever be released until the requisite 15 minute time out was over. Gotta love a guy who doesn't interrupt the discipline process a mom has begun!

I suppose we can be glad that it won't leave a scar on her tush. Right Kate? Because, and I can only hope this is true, the mental scars of your father hammering on the door frame to release you from your own stupidity - while your mother shouts "I told you so" in the background - aren't nearly as difficult to work through in therapy as an adult?


ganelle said...

Hissy McFitsalot?!?! LOVE IT!!!

Anonymous said...

She comes by those "flouncing" genes naturally! I am so proud that the legacy lives on in my little cousin! Mental scarring may last as long, but is sure easier to explain than a 2 inch scar on the tush!

Kate said...

ok.. that wasn't supposed to be Anonymous... I am PROUD of my past and my tush scars! So Hissy will someday also be proud of her past!!! (and don't worry... she will get one just like her someday!--it really does happen!)

Colleen O said...

it's soooo much funnier in real life! At least when we can manage to think it's funny.